New York born artist Michele Catapano, is a professional artist living and working in southern California. The artists work is captivating with heart felt bravura brush-work and exquisite sense of vivid color, finding the brightest and purest tones

For Catapano fine art should be able to inspire and elevate the soul, therefore she is always on the lookout for the perfect subject matter where the viewer becomes an intricate part of the scene.

Michele has studied at the California Art Institute in Thousand Oaks, California under the expert instruction of friend and artist Jeremy Lipking. She was inspired to study portrait, figure, still life and landscape using mediums of charcoal and oil and focused on the studies of many 19th century artists such as John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, and Anders Zorn. The artist then expanded her studies with Jove Wang for the past 10 years where she has studied the purity of color and loose brushstrokes.

Michele feels it is an artist’s good fortune to be a member of the California Art Club and to be in the company of many well-known, respected artists.

Her works have also sold in many well known galleries in California.